When Emotions Come to Play

This past block I cried during a standardized patient interview. I could easily blame my reaction on the stressors of medical school, but it was much more than that. Before I even entered the room, I was already expecting a difficult patient as that was the focus of the block. We were learning how to … Continue reading When Emotions Come to Play

The Cold, Frigid Season We Call Winter

As hard as I tried, I wasn't able to leave the Midwest. Don't get me wrong I tried. I really did. I tried when I applied for college and I tried when I applied for medical school. But fate has it out for me; I was meant to stay here. I was born and raised … Continue reading The Cold, Frigid Season We Call Winter

Too Much To Handle Part 2

I often found myself thinking: I'm learning so that I can become a good physician. Not just to get good grades, to be at the top of the class, or even compete with my classmates. No, I'm learning to care for patients, for people, for my friends, my classmates and my family. I'm devoting my … Continue reading Too Much To Handle Part 2

Much Anticipation

It was the day Block test scores would be posted. It was an anxiety ridden day for my roommates and I. We were happy to be done with testing but eager to see our scores. However, there was a possibility we would not get our scores till 9 p.m. That meant we had to keep ourselves busy - really … Continue reading Much Anticipation

Too Much to Handle?

**Disclaimer: This is a story of my personal experience. It is NOT to be generalized to the entire medical student population. At the time, I thought it was too much to handle.  Eight weeks had gone by and soon it would be testing week. I had spent the last 8 weeks shoving loads of information … Continue reading Too Much to Handle?

My Ultimate Breakfast

I struggle in the morning to eat just the right amount of food to sustain me until lunch. I've been searching high and low for the perfect breakfast... and I think I finally found it! As a medical student, I value every minute I have in the morning before I have to rush off to … Continue reading My Ultimate Breakfast


I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting at home eager to start medical school. However, here I am 7, almost 8, weeks later feeling like a true medical student. I would like to say I stopped and "smelled the roses" along the way but these past few weeks have gone by … Continue reading Balance

White Coat Ceremony

The day I had been waiting for, for what seemed like forever, has come and gone. But not gone in the sense that it has been forgotten; rather in the sense that now I can officially say I am a medical student.  When I thought about the White Coat Ceremony I thought about what it … Continue reading White Coat Ceremony

Wish I would have known THAT

As a pre-med student, I didn't know anyone older than me who had been pre-med and went through the application process. So I was left to figure out EVERYTHING on my own. Now, after going through the process successfully, I want to share with you some important tips. Some of these I learned through making … Continue reading Wish I would have known THAT

My Top 10

No, these aren't medical textbooks— I promise! I am going to share with you a list of my favorite medicine related books, all of which, I came upon as a pre-med student. Through these books I was able to jump into the world of medicine without leaving my couch. Yep, that's right, my couch. Even … Continue reading My Top 10