Let’s Talk Suicide

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the organizations listed nor do I intend to give my opinion on gun control.  I got inspired to share this with you after attending the North Dakota American Academy of Pediatrics Spring Conference. A majority of the discussion was about suicide and firearm injuries in today's youth. … Continue reading Let’s Talk Suicide

Challenging Encounters

Patient encounters can be challenging for numerous reasons including but not limited to: Patient Factors Communication styles Personality obstacles Many/unexplained symptoms Emotions Elements of the interaction Physician factors So, with all these potential complications how do physicians communicate effectively and build trustworthy relationships with their patients? Keep reading to find out!  *Disclaimer: This article is … Continue reading Challenging Encounters

Wish I would have known THAT

As a pre-med student, I didn't know anyone older than me who had been pre-med and went through the application process. So I was left to figure out EVERYTHING on my own. Now, after going through the process successfully, I want to share with you some important tips. Some of these I learned through making … Continue reading Wish I would have known THAT